Led by the theatrical part of life and interpreting beauty as the maximum expression of guttural feelings, this collection is composed of volumes, visual hyperboles and shapes that evoke emotions in the recipient. Alvaro finds his source of inspiration in the women of his life just as Almodobar does in his film “All about my mother” (1999). First taking as a reference his mother’s passion for tennis, reflected in both shapes and finishings, and her strength and independence; and then his grandmother’s taste for exuberance and theatricality, noticeable in the textile richness. Like this, he gives worship and homage to his muses and romanticizes them to their maximum expression. You are first welcomed aboard the ​MAVRA SOLAR which transports you through space to the first runway on Mars. The story begins where humanity runs away from earth in the search of a new reality. Where the breaking of canons and rules is usual. Where the most sordid dreams can come true. In this chaotic maelstrom of emotions and illusions, Alvaro creates an utopian scenario where patriarchy is not in the base of the system, he blurs the lines between genre roles with the visibility of all human kinds. Where civilians are not oppressed by the color of their skin or their genitals. It’s just humanity pursuing the authentic feelings, the endless search for vividness and life, and the expression of the purest beauty. This collection is a statement of how Alvaro sees his perfect world, where garments are made out of recycled pieces of fur, leather and fabrics in a sustainable way and everyone is free of living life to their fullest potential.